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Handicrafts and Tradition

Cathedral Reggio The vast and fertile plains of Emilia Romagna region have meant that this region became a territory in which, for a long time, all expressions of life are based on agriculture, handicraft that has evolved for centuries to the broad resource farm. When the primacy of the economy is past the sphere of industry, Emilia Romagna and have not abandoned the tradition, implanted in all the centuries areas of social and productive life. In this way, the craft, in its many forms of expression, it was idealized and forgot how to preserve old values, but is still part of the productive life of the region.

Ocarina of Budrio

Double Ocarina Among the elements that make it immediately attractive music that plays at parties in the country, there is a popular stamp of sound that even the most sophisticated electronic instruments can play: Ocarina is a simple terra cotta wind instrument invented in Budrio in the province of Bologna Giuseppe Donati around 1860.

Please visit the Ocarine of Brutrio!

Wrought iron

Ironwork The craft of wrought iron in Emilia Romagna region has a well established tradition which has continued to prosper throughout the twentieth century. The characteristics of this art for tourism to survive more productive in the streets of Grazzano Visconti, in the province of Piacenza, a medieval village, built at the end of the nineteenth century, which holds many workshops.

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Rinascimento_calamaio The production of ceramics is one of the most important industrial region. In all countries are exported tiles and tiles produced in Sassuolo, near Modena, and Casalgrande, in the province of Reggio Emilia. The evolution of technology and culture has taken place through the centuries in the production of handmade ceramics goods, both in common use is art.

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Fabrics and lace

Hemp In the region, the most important textile industry was in the large extension of the cultivation of hemp that characterized the Romagna plain: This daily familiarity with the raw material has resulted in every farmhouse looms were operating manuals from which mothers and daughters used for making much textile for their own use or to be offered on the market stalls of the country.

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The feasts

Palio Barbian In contrast to conventional wisdom, popular culture in Emilia Romagna is not frivolous and boisterous than it is elsewhere in Italy, often distinguished by elements of extreme elegance and refinement. One example is the Carnival of Benedello, a small fraction of Pavullo in Frignano Apennines near Modena, where groups of dancers, decked with ribbons and colorful tall conical hats, are performing in a parade by the movements graceful.

A look at the folk festivals!


Mosaic The history of mosaic art and the rich heritage of ancient and modern artifacts are strongly linked with the history of Emilia-Romagna, with the history of large portions of its territory, with the commitment of the multiple realities that the study of mosaic , storage, transmission of "knowledge" means of this unique artistic language and human resources and dedicated business professionals. It has been created a research project with the aim to provide an overall awareness on the mosaic in Emilia-Romagna, through the collection and interpretation of information, data, ...

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