Traveling in our tourist trail!

Hiking A path between the territories Emiliani between nature, ancient villages and stunning cultural cities. We offer a holiday adventure, in close contact with nature and fun. Your holiday will have a note of action melted with enchanting views that the region of Emilia's gift to the delight of your eyes.

A holiday for everyone and for every need, many possibilities of excursions and numerous proposals, routes to satisfy all tastes and curiosity. Want to go into the territory of Emilia, making trips For those who love hiking among the wild vegetation and for those who penetrate the most inaccessible areas in search of beautiful areas for a few bold.

For lovers of horses do not relinquish their pet on vacation or even for those who want to try for the first time the thrill of a walk to a gallop ! For all lovers of hiking trails on two wheels Who does not surrender to the risk, speed and adventure on a bicycle between the hills of Bologna.

Well to us the proposals, the choice is yours!

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A horse in Emilia Romagna

The route of the Abbots - from Bobbio in Pontremoli


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A road once traveled by the monks of Bobbio in the seventh and eighth centuries, the "Way of the Abbots" used as the main link to Rome before the development of ViaFrancigena and current Cisa. The path we have proposed, for your holiday in Romagna, from the city of Bobbio to Boccolo Walnut, just as suddenly famous "Via degli Abati.

Starting from Bobbio, we can say that was an especially important strategic center for the construction and facilities management Borgallo fortified the road to a road less feared to reach Rome, everything up to the duration of the power of the Byzantines who controlled the Monte Bardone passage.

Visit the "Way of the Abbots" ...

Outdoor ... Emilia Romagna

Exploring the Park Gessi Bolognesi and Calanchi dell'Abbadessa


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The project fully funded by the Foundation Carisbo has extended mobility in the regional P arcs in the Province of Bologna on clearing some of the trails in the area for people with limited mobility to blind and entrusting the project to a cooperative between the social contra its members also staff with psychological discomfort.

Panorama Buttress

In this project intervened 's Association of Para - between quadriplegics and medullolesi (APR) in the province of Bologna and the National Association deprived of sight and Visually Impaired (ANPVI) belonging to the Italian Federation of Emilia Romagna Overcoming Handicap, allowing children disabilities to work for create services to help other disadvantaged people.

Visit the "Parco dei Gessi Bolognesi and Calanchi dell'Abbadessa"

Exploring the Emilia Romagna Bike

Tourism by bicycle to the right of the Po-Starry Bondeno to Gorino Ferrara


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Right folder Po We offer five different routes and connected with each other for a bike ride along the banks, starting from the hinterland up to the waters of the sea, a varied route to give you an idea of the main features of the region of Emilia Romagna.

Journeys through the most interesting cities of art and the natural landscape, between the warm colors of the countryside and the enchanting atmosphere typical of Romagna provinces.

Visit the path "to the right of the Po-Starry Bondeno to Gorino Ferrara"

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