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This guide allows you to see the various tourist routes that the Emilia-Romagna offers to tourists. Routes to suit all tastes, ranging from mountainous areas, before moving to the hills and finally the entire coast. Tourists can choose their own itinerary holiday thanks to the helpful advice provided by this guide.

Help With Romagna you will know in depth the main attractions that Emilia-Romagna offers, from areas to the various cultural entertainment for the young. Help Romagna, in fact, has selected for you the best tourist attractions in Emilia-Romagna, for you to enjoy a dream vacation.

Navigation within the portal is enriched by many photos and video that allow a foretaste of the royal visit in various places of Emilia. Also nearby / see and follow, the various events, festivals and events present in the region of Emilia.

Moreover, still within the portal, it is possible to book several hotels in Emilia-Romagna, Emilia-Romagna Hotels, bed and breakfasts in Emilia-Romagna, farmhouses in Emilia-Romagna, where you can spend Unforgettable holidays culture, ralex and fun.

Homes in cities of art: Bologna ... history, and passion diveritmento


Visiting Bologna

Eating in Bologna

Festivals and events in Bologna


Located in the heart of Italy, Bologna is one of the oldest cities full of culture of the Italian peninsula.

And the provincial capital of Emilia-Romagna, Bologna is also the "scholarly" (because of the ancient and famous University) and "fat" (because of the rich culinary tradition), is also well known "Fèlsina painter", the fourteenth of Vitale and Jacopino the great school of the Carracci, Guido Reni and Guercino, and is also the city that has an unusual presence of women in the arts, with Lavinia Fontana and Elisabetta Sirani.

statue of Neptune in Piazza Maggiore Bologna

Tourism in Bologna is quite high, and this thanks to the geographical position that places it in a place that acts as glue between North and South, it is the main point of interchange of the Italian railway network.

The attraction of tourists is due thanks to the many museums and numerous cultural and artistic attractions (from Piazza Maggiore at the fountain of Neptune, the Basilica of St. Petrone Asinelli and much more).



Visit the other cities of art!


The hinterland emiliano

The Emilian plain


The plain bolognese

The plain of Modena and Reggio Emilia

The plain between Parma and Piacenza

Church of Casaglia South of the Apennines, north the river Po, the Emilian plain stretching from the province of Piacenza that of Ferrara to the foothills of the coast. The land consists of a clear chain of rivers, roads and canals, links to the city centers, scattered residences and the alternation of the diversified landscape of fields, key element that has characterized the spread of agriculture across the territorial organization . Type and distribution of teaching, diversity of agricultural landscape, communication systems, toponymy, civil and ecclesiastical organization of the territory are strongly influenced by the abundance of water, the large amount of rivers, streams, which are characteristic of that zone.

Visit the hinterland emiliano!


Handicrafts and Tradition

Cathedral Reggio The vast and fertile plains of Emilia Romagna region have meant that this region became a territory in which, for a long time, all expressions of life are based on agriculture, handicraft that has evolved for centuries to the broad resource farm. When the primacy of the economy is past the sphere of industry, Emilia Romagna and have not abandoned the tradition, implanted in all the centuries areas of social and productive life. In this way, the craft, in its many forms of expression, it was idealized and forgot how to preserve old values, but is still part of the productive life of the region.

Visit the path of Crafts in Emilia Romagna!


Welcome to the Romagna Riviera

Rimini Riviera The Adriatic coast is the mouth of the River Rhine with Focara promontory which divides the town of Gabicce Mare Pesaro and crosses the province of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena province and the province of Rimini, to finish top of province Pesaro-Urbino which includes the north-west. It is characterized by wide, sandy beaches, with the presence in the north of frequent natural areas (valleys and pine forests), while south has seen over the last 30-40 years, a progressive cementation due to tourism. Since the war forward the development of tourism in this area was indeed unstoppable.

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Wellness and relaxation: "mens sana in corpore sane"

Finnish Sauna

"Sunt Thermae Optima Medicinae Pars"
(The Baths of Medicine are the best part)

Pliny the Elder

In Emilia Romagna, we have the ability to have health clubs and spas with more specialized towards the needs more diversified. A rediscovery of Eastern techniques and scientific research in a fusion of Indian therapy, with the Japanese shiatsu, reflexology foot massage with Chinese, Finnish sauna and the Arabs with the hamam . A meeting that runs along the old Roman traditions, Egyptian and Greek along with the known western therapies that gave the possibility to include special spa treatments like the original and highly effective thermal therapy, hydrotherapy along with a wide range of massages, saunas and baths Turks.


Visit the wellness and relaxation in Emilia Romagna!


Traveling in our tourist trail!

Hiking A path between the territories Emiliani between nature, ancient villages and stunning cultural cities. We offer a holiday adventure, in close contact with nature and fun. Your holiday will have a note of action melted with enchanting views that the region of Emilia's gift to the delight of your eyes.

A holiday for everyone and for every need, many possibilities of excursions and numerous proposals, routes to satisfy all tastes and curiosity. Want to go into the territory of Emilia, making trips For those who love hiking among the wild vegetation and for those who penetrate the most inaccessible areas in search of beautiful areas for a few bold.

For lovers of horses do not relinquish their pet on vacation or even for those who want to try for the first time the thrill of a walk to a gallop ! For all lovers of hiking trails on two wheels Who does not surrender to the risk, speed and adventure on a bicycle between the hills of Bologna.

Well to us the proposals, the choice is yours!

Visit the tourist track in Emilia Romagna!




Food and Wine in Emilia Romagna

Roads taste

Taste and flavor among the Colli Piacentini



Visit the other "Roads of taste!

Always, Piacenza and its province are directly connected with the culture of pork, also thanks to retrace the medieval depictions of the sacred ritual of the killing of the pig, some of which retraces the mosaics of the church of San Savino, or the Abbey of St. Columban at Bobbio . As evidence of this long-standing traditions are as Piacenza salami DOP of the cup, bacon and salami, which have the privilege of being the ultimate fresh pasta filled with tradition and spread emiliana such as ravioli with tails, with base ricotta and spinach, or anolini stew .

In ancient times had been used only during major religious festivals, including the bomb most requested dishes of rice, and among the poor cuisine pisarei and beans recipes used specifically for reuse stale bread.

Visit the food, wine of the Colli Piacentini!



Automobile and motorcycle companies in Romagna


Ferrari factory Establishment Ferrari is located, since the 40s, near the town of Maranello, a small town in northern Italy, near the Bologna. In all, the factory, has about 45 buildings over an area of 250,000 square meters with an estimated more than 3,000 employees.

A meeting between passion and technology that give rise to CT and Formula 1 cars. Precisely December 3, 1942 was given a permit to build a small factory in Maranello for the production of tools for machines. Choice to transfer the headquarters of Scuderia Ferrari, in that period in via Trento Trieste in Modena , By Enzo Ferrari in Maranello was because he owned a strip of land in that area, where today is the factory.

Learn news about the sport in Emilia Romagna!



Tourism between art and culture


The Francigena

Goals and Christian pilgrimages


Goals and Christian pilgrimages

History and origins

The ViaFrancigena

The Francigena today

The places of pilgrimage are in remote areas suffering which eventually turned into places of worship, hope and rebirth. Millions of believers from the beginning of Christianity onwards, have always looked for places where they were or are, contains the tombs of saints and the martyrs and the areas that have been part of their lives in the hope of receiving comfort and expiation of their faults.

Cathedral Fidenza

These places over time have become ever more important, transformed even as places of worship, the people who went there asking and seeking comfort, a confirmation of their faith or the hope of future favorable weather, taking away even icons or any object or This sign on the spot.


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Your vacation in San Marino!


A little 'history ...

The history of San Marino has its origin from the far 301 of the Christian period, according to tradition the founding of the Republic is the patron saint who has a strong influence among the locals.
According to legend, a stonemason from the island of Rab in Dalmatia, climb Mount Titano and here organized a small community of Christians who were persecuted by the Emperor Diocletian because of their religion. According to some findings, and testify that the place referred to was inhabited since prehistoric times, but the first settlements date back to the medieval period during which the findings we confirm the presence of a monastery, a parish church, a castle with a confirmation of an organized community.

Giuseppe and Anita Garibaldi refuge in San Marino Between confirmation of the temporal power of the Pope and established the authority of the empire the people of primordial San Marino felt an increasing need to deal with a form of government, following the example of other Italian cities. Thus there is the common, and unlike other Italian cities that dedicate their citizens to a saint, the newly formed small town, he decided to pay homage to the legendary stone mason and to name the city itself in her honor "Land of San Marino", hereinafter the "City of San Marino and date "Republic of San Marino."


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