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Is the door for those coming from Piedmont Emilia from Lombardy and Liguria, located on the right bank of the Po in a strategic border town. The town is by rail and highway, which forms an important node, creating a barrier on the side of the Po river, 'one of the city to explore, full of art, with a large center, populated by numerous prominent buildings with particularly spectacular as staircases and refined wrought iron doors. A quiet country town of mold Lombard accompanied by aspects of Piedmont and Liguria.

A bit of history ...

Po Delta Its location, a historical point of view, coincides with the sighting of the Apennine Mountains, through the navigation slope along the river, possible ground for a foundation. The first Roman settlement dating from 218 BC that made Placentia point of maximum control of the ford Transpadana. Is reached in 187 BC by the Via Emilia and, subsequently, by way Postojna, connection points with the high Tirreno Adriatico.
From Roman period have not survived many monuments, but also acknowledged the plot Street orthogonal mesh. In 546 was sacked by the Goths, led by Totila, while during the Lombard domination shows first signs of recovery due to trade related to river navigation. In 1126 we are moving towards municipal autonomy initiated by the powers comital obtained by the Bishops of Piacenza with the reign of Otto III.

There are numerous factors that have determined economic and population growth: trade along the Po, emergence of manufacturing open fairs and markets and the emergence of banking initiatives that have encouraged further, including urban expansion and the raising of two curtain walls, respectively, in the twelfth and thirteenth century.

Pier Luigi Farnese Titian portrait

These are the first steps that led the city of Piacenza in acquiring a significant position among the great cities of Europe as a meeting place of international markets and banking, financial relief for the entire thirteenth in foreign markets.

Do not miss contrasts between the degrees merchant families of the Guelphs and Ghibellines that rein in the Lordship premature Alberto Scotti.

Following some years of French rule came under state protection of the Church under the leadership of Pier Luigi son of Pope Paul III Farnese, along with Piacenza. Thanks to the support gained power through urban reconfigurations (completion of the walls, construction of the castle in the western sector of the open highway Farnese and the first steps for the building of the Ducal Palace) that will lead to Piacenza capital of the new duchy. Following assassination of Pier Luigi Farnese, the capital moved to Parma, and neglected by the court, the city regains power the aristocracy through the realization of sumptuous and majestic palaces.

Over the years, is devoted great care in building aspects of war that they see the increase in land occupied by fortifications, barracks and warehouses, at first under the control of the Austrians and later used as a garrison for the new Unitary state. Later there was an economic blockade and population with few relevant interventions.

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